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Nepal's Lower EverestPost-Earthquake Relief Trek • September 20 – October 3, 2015
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April 25th & May 12th Himalayan Earthquakes • June 15th Recovery Update

• Following the massive 7.8 Earthquake on April 25th with many huge aftershocks, a second large tremor, measuring 7.3, occurred on May 12th. Our staff members, (Bhim Pakhrin, Amber and Sushma Tamang, Ambar Saila Tamang, Ang Furi, Karna Tamang and their families), remain unharmed. It's now been over a month since the first earthquake struck, yet there is still much to do.

UN officials express concern that the coming monsoons could lead to more landslides as well as a shortage of vaccines against diseases like diarrhoea and measles. Nepal's death toll grows and now is over 8,500 from the first earthquake and over 110 from the second — while over 500,000 homes have been damaged, at least 2.8 million have been displaced and over 17,800 have been injured (plus 125 from the second quake).

Himalayan High Treks Nepal relief donation program is offering direct aid our staff, schools and damaged villages in this time of need. In the past weeks, many of you have directly supported and contributed to our Nepal Relief Fund, raising over $20,000 in donations! Your support is transferred directly into the local community to provide emergency shelters, temporary classrooms and even donated trekking gear to many who have lost their homes in some of the most remote terrain on Earth. If you would like to help in this grassroots effort, your contributions remain desperately needed. Please consider a donation.

Our relief efforts have distributed aid to small isolated villages and people that other organizations haven't yet reached. We've been focused on providing temporary shelters to keep families out of the monsoon rains. We've distributed hundreds of tarps and tents. Our biggest achievement yet is the creation of a temporary school in remote Dhikure Village, at 9,000 feet. Made from five extra tall 10 x 10 dinning tents and tarps, the structures provide protection during the heavy monsoon season. The school can accommodate 35 students and their instructors. Schools reopened in Kathmandu after 36 days of being closed due to the earthquake.

HHTs first transfer of donated funds reached Nepal on May 4th. We are grateful that our staff is safe, though everyone has now suffered property damage and loss of wages due to canceled treks. HHTs plan is to help put them to work helping others in greater need. A slow recovery has now begun, thanks to your generosity! Our fund is providing direct community support to those in need and we are so grateful to each of you for helping make our humble effort possible. Thank you!

Photos — Top: HHT temporary school in Dhikure Village.
Middle: Simple tarps provide essential shelter for thousands of displaced people.
Bottom: With your generous help, school resumes and hope remains!

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